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A functional and attractive website provides a solid foundation for customers’ online experience with your business or brand. In today’s world, community interaction and engagement is an essential element of marketing success. Techdesta’s web development team can design an aesthetically beautiful and user-friendly website that will attract and convert leads. Our team understands form and function, and will work with you to meet your exclusive needs.

Our innovative web development services include:

• Personalized website design;

• Server purchase and maintenance;

• Industry-specific technological integration;

• Embedded images, videos, and portals;

• Expert lead capture;

• CRM management;


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In order to attract qualified leads and loyal clientele, your business needs digital advertising. This includes short-term solutions like pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and long-term options including search engine optimization (SEO). Ideally, your business will utilize both options for a well-rounded digital marketing portfolio. This will attract new and repeat business in a way our professionals can predict. Techdesta’s digital advertising team has significant experience in a variety of fields, including real estate, law, entertainment, staffing and recruitment, medical, automotive, fitness, education, and more.

Techdesta’s digital advertising solutions include:

• Creative assessment and design of web advertising portfolio(s);

• Day-to-day management of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns;

• Long-term management of search engine optimization (SEO);

• Keyword and rank evaluation and planning;

• Citation monitoring and management;

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Content rules the marketing world. Without engaging and enjoyable content, your business will lose potential clients and minimize industry influence. This is because search engines continuously scan the web for useful content to deliver to users. When your web presence and content encourages interaction and provides useful information, you build rapport within your community and widen your reach.

Techdesta’s content development team can:

• Develop interesting and informative website copy;

• Utilize relevant SEO keywords to create content;

• Write copy adjusted to your business’s unique voice;

• Maintain an active blog with weekly or monthly posts;

• Write regular e-blasts to your subscribed community;

• Create press releases and other materials;


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The most successful businesses connect with their customers and community daily. Our reputation management team can monitor your social media channels and respond to client questions, comments, and reviews. We seamlessly integrate engaging, curated content to increase your brand’s social media standing.

The Techdesta reputation management team will:

• Build your social media from the ground up;

• Create social media posts and share content;

• Respond to client or follower questions on all web channels;

• Monitor online reviews (i.e. Yelp, Google);

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Your brand’s reputation and client rapport relies upon professional data security and management. Techdesta strives to keep your online experience safe and successful. Our web security team can ensure that your website and CRM are prepared to handle sensitive customer data. We can also monitor your website’s security and plug-in requirements to keep everything safe.

Our online security and maintenance experts can:

• Install plug-ins and security certificates;

• Ensure government data and web compliance;

• Monitor web security and updates;

• Assess data security and provide suggestions;

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While the Techdesta team works to provide hands-on, high-end support for you and your business, we understand that sometimes you need a quick, simple solution. Techdesta Local SEO monitoring keeps you in control of your business’s daily online needs without any fuss or full-service commitment. We put the power in your hands. For any business, Techdesta Local SEO ensures you’re in charge and able to make informed, data-driven marketing decisions. For our partners, Techdesta Local SEO can be added on as a quick upgrade.

Techdesta Local SEO services offer:

• Directory monitoring and submissions across 86 directories;

• Full map support (Google®, Bing®);

• NAPS and citation management;

• Ratings and review generator;

• Local keyword analysis;

• SEO local rank management; and

• Reputation evaluation and supervision

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